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Easy Online Vehicle Document Renewal- Instant delivery

Have you checked your vehicle Particulars before driving out? Avoid embarrassment and be sure your papers are up-to-date and genuine. In case you have taken the risk and you get caught Shopwise will bail you out. Simply log on to Place an order for the document you need,click the pay button for instant payment with your ATM card or transfer to our account. We get your insurance renewed and delivered in 5 minutes(soft copy) Vehicle licenc

police stopping a vehicle by force

stop for police checking

in 5 minutes (soft copy) Road worthiness in 60 minutes (soft copy) This you can present to the arresting officer or print out at the nearest business center. The hard copy will be ready at the same time for your pickup or delivery by our despatch based on logistics. Don’t pay them that 10k Use that 10k wisely on Shopwise to pay for your renewal. Sign up to get reminders ahead of your particulars expiry You can now buy your PHCN pin,pay for Gotv Dstv on the same website. Check for prices and buy phone parts

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