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Cabinet of Curiosities Director Praises Guillermo Del Toro for Encouraging Crazy Sh*t

Rupert Grint as Walter with his sister Epperley in Dreams in the Witch House (Cabinet of Curiosities)

Image via Netflix

As if horror fans didn’t have enough to satisfy their appetites all year round, Guillermo del Toro’s cabinet of curiosities has finally released all eight of its frightfully delicious entries on Netflix, just in time to get ready for Halloween early next week.

Featuring a curated selection of del Toro short horror films, two of which are penned by the show’s host and maestro himself, cabinet of curiosities has seen the legendary horror icon gather some of the best creative minds in the genre. It leads into eight clearly unique but undeniably del Torian nightmares for those of us who lack the proper cold sweats.

In fact, del Toro’s insistence on letting his response to the Avengers take almost complete creative control, while himself acting as a sort of mentor and advisor whenever needed. If that sounds like Horror Peak privilege, you’re right. In conversation with Weekly entertainmentCatherine Hardwicke, who took charge cabinet Episode “Dreams in the Witch House” and their past horror endeavors Red Riding Hood, The black Ghiandolaand the phenomenon of the late 2000s duskrevealed the intricacies of Absolute Blessing working alongside del Toro.

“The cool thing about Guillermo is that he really wanted to put the directors in charge and make us feel, ‘Yeah man, I get to do something crazy.’ So I had to put my brain, heart, soul, blood and sweat into it. We’re happy to do that. That was really cool. But then he was there to help us in areas where we’re not as expert as he is, like the creatures.”

Hardwicke certainly took full advantage of the opportunity and contracted to customize HP Lovecrafts Dreams in the witch house. the previous dusk The director went to great lengths to combine Lovecraft’s ethos of cosmic horror with the story’s earthly aesthetic and to grotesquely showcase the consequences of higher power manipulation.

Guillermo del Toro’s cabinet of curiosities is now streaming all eight episodes on Netflix. Cabinet of Curiosities Director Praises Guillermo Del Toro for Encouraging Crazy Sh*t


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