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Couple in denim attire celebrates engagement with hilariously awkward photoshoot

When Isaiah Allison and his fiancee Brenna McAskill recently got engaged, they wanted to make sure the special moment was captured in a way that is truly unique to them.

The results? A series of outstanding images from an engagement shoot that has garnered viral attention online.

The couple enlisted the help of photographer Peyton Olivia for an engagement photo shoot in Hagerstown City Park, Maryland. In the pictures, the pair, clad in jeans, posed in unusually awkward poses throughout the park.

Isaiah and Brenna photographed by Peyton Olivia
Images from Isaiah and Brenna’s now-viral photoshoot that have been blowing people’s minds online. Shot and edited by Peyton Olivia Photography.
Peyton Olivia Photography

“The photo shoot was heavily inspired by the film thought leader with Zach Galifianakis, where in one scene he takes pictures with his wife, who is dressed all in jeans and is doing really awkward poses. We saw that and thought — perfect, that’s us,” Allison said news week.

They showed photographer Peyton Olivia a few stills from the film and she worked her magic staging the couple and creating the standout images.

“She was really great, let us do poses that really made us feel as awkward as the photos depicted, which was the goal,” Allison said. “It’s actually kind of funny too, because when we got to the park, there were so many people all dressed up taking photos for the prom.”

Isaiah and Brenna by Peyton Olivia Photography
A picture of the jeans clad couple Isaiah and Brenna on a slide at Hagerstown City Park. Peyton Olivia Photography’s now-viral engagement photos have wowed online.
Peyton Olivia Photography

After the shoot, Peyton edited the photos and sent them to the couple, who were smitten: “We thought they were perfect,” Allison said. “We wanted a silly, light-hearted photoshoot that captured our personality and our relationship without being cliche. We laughed all day when we got the photos back.”

When the pair shared the pics on Reddit’s popular r/pics forum, the internet exploded with praise. With over 57,000 upvotes, commenters rushed to share their reactions.

One commenter said: “Congratulations! Glad you lunatics found each other,” while another replied, “And this absolute artist of a photographer.”

“You two look like you’re having so much fun,” said one Redditor. “Almost as much fun as whoever edits these photos.”

Isaiah and Brenna photographed by Peyton Olivia
Inspired by the movie Masterminds, the couple’s engagement pictures from Peyton Olivia Photography have garnered viral attention online.
Peyton Olivia Photography

Allison was inspired to share the pics on Reddit after seeing other couples share their engagement photoshoots.

“I thought others would enjoy the stupidity,” he said. “When we woke up and saw that the post had blown up, we were a bit stunned. We knew the photos were great but didn’t expect them to go viral.”

The big day is scheduled for December 17, 2023, but until then, the couple plans to do some photoshoots.

“We really want our next family portrait to be with our cats. We have five cats. Imagine five cats in jeans,” Allison said. Couple in denim attire celebrates engagement with hilariously awkward photoshoot

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