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Difference Between Inverter AC And Non Inverter AC:

The main difference between an inverter AC and a non inverter AC is the type of compressor used, rest all components are the same. Lets look at the working of an inverter AC and non inverter AC to understand the difference between them.

How Non Inverter AC Works:

A non-inverter standard air conditioner is designed for peak load performance (summer heat). It has a single speed compressor which runs at maximum speed whenever cooling is needed and shuts down when the room is cooled. The single stage compressor cannot adjust it’s speed and tonnage as per the cooling demand.


o illustrate this lets see an example, It’s summer time, outside temperature is 35 degree Celsius hence you turn ON your 1 Ton non inverter air conditioner and set it at 24 degree Celsius.

  1. The thermostat on your AC senses the room temperature is high and starts the compressor.
  2. The compressor will keep on running at the same speed (maximum speed) till the time your room temperature reaches the desired set temperature (in our case 24 degree Celsius).
  3. Once set temperature is achieved, the compressor will stop.
  4. Compressor will start again when the room temperature goes couple of degrees above the set temperature, an the above steps are followed again.

So in a conventional non-inverter refrigerator the compressor starts and stops frequently and runs at the maximum speed at all times. This frequent start and stop increases the power consumption of your AC as more current is needed to start a compressor than to run it.


Difference Between Inverter AC and Non Inverter AC

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