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Evan Peters told Ryan Murphy he wanted to “play someone normal,” so he cast him in Dahmer

How was Jeffrey Dahmer caught?

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Dahmer – Monsters: The Story of Jeffrey Dahmer was one of Netflix’s biggest hits of 2022, proving that viewer audiences are still hungry for blood-soaked true crime serial killer shows. Dahmer’s crimes are gruesome and disgusting even by the standards of other killers, so it’s a testament to Ryan Murphy and Evan Peters for making his story so compelling and worth watching.

Peters has already garnered plenty of praise for his performance in the title role, but it appears he was originally looking for a more cuddly and cozy role from his regular collaborator, as revealed in an in-depth look at the production of The Hollywood Reporter.

“Peters had said he wanted to play someone ‘normal’ and maybe do a rom-com,” Murphy explained. He said after auditioning about 100 people for the role of Dahmer, he went to Peters with the script. “He called me the next day and said, ‘It’s so challenging. It’s so difficult that I kind of have to say yes to it even though I’m scared of it.’”

Ryan Murphy says he reached out to families of Dahmer's victims, but 'not a single person has responded'
Image: Netflix

Peters also revealed that he had delved into Dahmer material, read every book and article he could get his hands on, and pored over psychological reports and court documents to try to understand his actions. He also did his best to capture Dahmer’s body language and voice.

“Then the physicality, which I know was going to be so difficult. He has many external things from the way he walks, he doesn’t move his arms when he walks and talks. And so I did a lot of research to watch him and see him moving and working with weights on my arms, wearing clothes, all sorts of things that I carried with me all day to try and stay in as it would be second nature. And then I made a 45 minute audio composite that I listened to every day to try to understand his dialect and his way of speaking and really understand why he did what he did or what his way of thinking was.”

Getting this far under the skin of a serial killer doesn’t sound like a fun experience, but with the show skyrocketing to number one on the Netflix chart, receiving critical acclaim and clocking in at a billion hours, it sounds like it was worth it.

Murphy appears to be loosening up for his next streak of serial killers American love storySo let’s hope Peters gets a more heartwarming and adorable role this time around, leaving the cannibalistic necrophilic mass murderer behind.

Dahmer – Monsters: The Story of Jeffrey Dahmer is available in full on Netflix. Evan Peters told Ryan Murphy he wanted to “play someone normal,” so he cast him in Dahmer

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