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Florida girl steals $10,000 from grandma’s safe and gives it to classmates

The 14-year-old is facing grand theft charges after she reportedly stole it from her grandmother’s life savings.

SUMMERFIELD, Fla. — A 14-year-old girl caused a stir at a north Florida middle school this week when she handed over more than $10,000 she allegedly stole from her grandmother’s safe.

Marion County deputies responded Thursday at Lake Weir Middle School in Summerfield after reports a student had given hundreds of dollars each to their classmates, according to an arrest report. Summerfield is approximately 60 miles northwest of Orlando.

School officials searched the girl’s backpack and found about $2,500, lawmakers said. The teenager said an unidentified former student gave her the money and wanted it distributed. Investigators said they later found the girl broke into her grandmother’s home safe and stole about $13,500 of the woman’s life savings.

The arrest report does not reveal why the girl allegedly took the money or gave it away to her classmates.

As of Friday, officials had recovered about $700 of the money that had been distributed to other students. This money and the $2,500 recovered from the girl’s backpack were returned to the grandmother.

According to local Orlando-area news stations, school officials urged parents to see if their children had any of the money.

The girl faces charges of grand theft.

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Val Lick contributed to this report. Florida girl steals $10,000 from grandma’s safe and gives it to classmates

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