You got a damaged phone and now you are confused where to start and who to trust?
we have been in the business for long and know where to direct you for solution to your phone problems.

Shopwise currently refer you to Different Pre qualified sellers to allow you  get  variety of prices across  different phone parts market in Lagos and other parts of the country.
We will continue to add more sellers over time

Since we do not make commission from the sellers Please share below to get their Contact Phone Numbers:

You may also get the contacts by participating in the giveaway below  with at least 2 points otherwise keep reading to search the contacts
Location: Alaba

Location: Alaba

Location: Ikeja
Rare screen like Oukitel Xiaomi etc

Location Alaba

Major: Best prices on Most common screens and accessories.

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Location: Ajah
Major :Most of the uncommon screens.
In office repair as well as delivery.

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