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Grey’s Anatomy Recap: Season 19 Episode 3 – Let’s Talk Sex

Thursday is Grey’s anatomy not only marked Kate Walsh’s recent return as Addison, it brought Bailey back to Gray Sloan, where The two teamed up with Jo to produce a series of social media videos featuring the interns teaching sex education. Needless to say, what happened next was more complicated than “Well, if a bird really, really likes a bee…” and if you read on we’ll go over all the details.

“YOU GET PAID TO TALK ABOUT SEX TODAY” | As “Let’s Talk About Sex” began, Lucas was skateboarding to Gray Sloan, Amelia was struggling to find a way to see long-distance love Kai, only to find out they were already in Seattle (surprise!), and Zola came to the hospital with Meredith instead of going to school (since the boy was still having panic attacks). Nearby, Bailey resurfaced at her old stint after getting permission from Nick to use the interns on the sex education project she and Jo started after the Roe v. Wade had launched. When Addison, in town to work with Bailey and Jo, encountered Lucas, she warmly greeted him as Shep… before he discreetly clarified that she should not acknowledge that he was Derek’s nephew. From the start, the interns tried to find excuses not to attend – and they did before They found that they weren’t just talking to a video camera, but to a room full of real children. As the interns bombarded them with reading Jo’s script, one of the teenage girls fled the room, admitting to Addison that she was late. Back in the auditorium, another girl fell over in pain.

Grey's Anatomy Recap Season 19 Episode 3 Let's Talk SexWhile Jules got the kids’ attention by explaining where the clitoris is and telling Blue why the pullout method was so ineffective, it turned out that girl #2 had a giant cyst. Called into the operating room, Addison assigned Levi to calm girl #1 while she awaited the test results. So he had to be the person who confirmed to her that after their first sex she had gotten pregnant in the first place. But at least he could explain to her that they could give her pills to have a medical abortion as long as they caught the pregnancy early enough. (They did.) Eventually, Jules recruited Owen and Teddy, of all people, to teach the youngsters understanding. The interns also educated the kids on how different actual sex was from porn sex. (Spoiler alert: a lot.)

Grey's Anatomy Recap Season 19 Episode 2 I wasn't expecting this“I AM A VERY HAPPY PERSON, HE’S JUST BITTER AND BROKEN” | Despite supporting Bailey, Jo and Addison’s project, Lucas needed more time in the pits, so he volunteered to help Teddy (especially since Owen was beyond useless to them at the moment). He was soon hired by Levi to help Joyce (aka Simone’s grandmother) find her daughter, who she believed was born on that day. (As we already knew, Simone’s mother died giving birth in Seattle Grace.) Soon Joyce said that if their daughter had a girl, her name would be Simone. Aha moment for Lucas. Then, in a terrible moment, Simone had to tell her grandmother again that her mother had died. Meredith to the rescue. (Well, as far as she could help, which has to do with her being unable to resuscitate Simone’s mother.) Griffith wasn’t sure she would be able to cope with her grandmother’s condition. But Gray assured her that as she needed to be with Ellis, Griffith could be with her grandmother. After Mer suggested letting Joyce live in her reality would be the nicest option (instead of telling her over and over that her daughter died), Simone went ahead and played her mother to Joyce. (Heartbreaking stuff.) Simone later thanked Lucas for staying with her grandma all day and asked him not to tell anyone about her condition. If he could keep his lips closed, Simone added, she wouldn’t reveal he was a Shepherd – yes, she had found out after he was so odd with “Aunt Addie”.

greys-anatomy-recap-season-19-episode-3-red-about-sex“TEN YEARS OF TRAINING AND I’M BASICLY PLAYING A VIDEO GAME” | Bored with her homework, Zola sneaked out of Mer’s office to watch in search of surgery, but was intercepted by Nick, who was showing off her cool shenanigans in his lab. Did he always know that he wanted to be a doctor? She asked. No, not until his mother died. When Kai walked in, they were impressed with Zola’s cognitive abilities on neurological tests lying around. So does Nick, who called Amelia and Maggie over to see how brilliant Zola is. When Mer arrived at the scene and flagged up that her daughter had taken these tests without her consent, Maggie and Kai suggested that Zola’s genius might be the reason for the panic attacks.

greys-anatomy-recap-season-19-episode-3-red-about-sex“WHAT DO WE POINT TO?” | As the class neared its end, the Docs broke out all the dance moves for the Sex Ed reel. (joy Vet Harry Shum Jr. was a killer, of course.) When Richard Bailey asked when they would see her again, she suggested … tomorrow. Faced with a humanitarian crisis, she wanted to reopen the clinic to protect reproductive rights and spend the rest of the time working as a resident. “This is my best and final offer,” she said. Natch, Webber accepted it. Zola’s brilliance reminded Maggie of her own childhood; she couldn’t believe she hadn’t noticed her niece. What had helped Maggie? asked Amelie. A child therapist had given her tools to cope. Zola would get her tools, Amelia promised. Richard invited Addison to dinner, but she wanted to work. According to Roe v. Wade made her feel “erased.” He encouraged them to live and eat too. Eventually, Mer admitted to Nick that she didn’t know what to do for Zola. He saw the upside of the day – they now had a piece of the puzzle that they didn’t have before. At home, inspired by her sex education presentation, Teddy Owen agreed to give her a try. And at the same time Amelia and Kai were busy. (Not all together, mind you.) And as Link massaged Jo’s feet, she shared that she’d learned that even they had erogenous zones. “Should I stop?” No way. At the hospital, Lucas and Simone seemed to get terribly chummy, and Blue and Jules sneaked into the ready room to have sex. “I don’t even like you,” she said. “I’m not for everyone,” he replied. Love! This! interns!

So far jumped into the comments with your take on Let’s Talk About Sex and season 19 overall? From what I can see, if it’s not firing on all cylinders, it’s definitely firing on most of them! Grey’s Anatomy Recap: Season 19 Episode 3 – Let’s Talk Sex

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