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Horror fans come up with ridiculously cheesy ideas to reboot A Nightmare on Elm Street

Horror fans come up with ridiculously campy ideas to reboot Nightmare on Elm Street

Image: New Line Cinema

Horror fans want to wake up the sleeping giant of the genre, and it’s taking too long to wait for fans to don their writer’s hats.

A nightmare on Elm Street Legacy as one of horror’s premier franchises has taken a hitch over the past decade thanks to the inactivity of more films, but hardcore horror fans already know exactly the pitches that will set the reboot going. Hollywood, please read and absorb all of these ideas, especially the more ridiculous ones.

The franchise has run long enough to take a tried and true path: shoving Freddy Krueger into a spaceship and turning him into a xenomorphic menace in outer space. No idea how it works, but it’s ridiculous enough to write yourself. Reject seriousness, embrace stock value.

Robert Englund didn’t sound too sure about reprising the role given age’s toll on the iconic horror actor, but one fan found a brilliant way to involve him while also allowing for the franchise’s development. Introduce a cultist of Freddy Krueger who is also a scientist. It’s just ridiculous enough to work.

Freddy Krueger takes on millennials. A few smashed avocado quips, a few house price gags, and you’ve got a half Funny or die sketch. Stretch it out further and you almost have a movie. More than happy to help Hollywood with this.

That Halloween The 2018 route is very popular with fans. Allowing the series to maintain its original continuity, ripping out a few bits from the sequels as needed while allowing Heather Langenkamp to return. She’s expressed interest in returning in October 2022, so it’s something that feels like a possibility.

The series, directed by Freddy Krueger, is available to stream on HBO Max and Peacock. Horror fans come up with ridiculously cheesy ideas to reboot A Nightmare on Elm Street

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