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House of the Dragon Finale: Season 1 Episode 10 – [Spoiler] dies

This post contains spoilers from house of the dragon‘s season 1 finale. Proceed accordingly.

With my sapphire eye, I peer out a world of pain for the Hightowers in house of the dragon Season 2.

Sunday’s season one finale of the HBO series ended with princess Queen Rhaenyra receives news that her second son, Lucerys “Luke” Velaryon, has been killed by a dragon ridden by Alicent’s son, Aemond Targaryen. Although Rhaenyra had counseled patience earlier in the episode when trying to figure out when and how to go to war against the Hightowers, the final moments of the finale showed a grieving Rhaenyra clearly intent on avenging her son. (Read a full synopsis.)

“Somehow I think this is moving the goalposts of suffering,” says series star Emma D’Arcy, who plays Rhaenyra, in the Inside S1 E10 featurette, available on HBO Max. “When you’ve lost both your parents and a lover, you think you know grief. And I think what’s so awful is that losing Luke tells her she knows Nothing about grief, and it changes their perspective on the world to come.”

Executive producer and co-showrunner Miguel Sapochnik points out that Luke’s dragon, Arrax, never had any real hope of fighting the much larger Vhagar, piloted by Aemond (who revealed earlier in the episode that he now has a sapphire in the previously inhabited version). the eyeball Luke gouged out years ago). The lesser dragon’s only recourse was to fly faster and escape. And that’s what seemed to have happened… until Vhagar went rogue and made a snack out of the lesser beast and its rider.

Aemond shouted, “No!” as it happened, looking bereft; Sapochnik says then you see “the last remains of the little boy who stayed behind in Aemond”.

He adds, “Maybe he was trying to scare Luke, but I don’t think his ultimate intent was to kill him. But now he’s made it and must decide whether or not to own it on his journey back to King’s Landing. For if the accession to the throne and her coronation of Aegon in the Dragonpit weren’t the start of the war, killing one of the queen’s sons was obvious.”

How did you like the finale? Beat the comments with your thoughts! House of the Dragon Finale: Season 1 Episode 10 – [Spoiler] dies


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