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How to Get Your Canada Drivers Licence in Ontario as a Nigerian

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You can drive for a while in Canada with your international Driving Permit (in Theory,I would say,Driving in Canada is very different from Nigeria and there is a high risk attached but all the same get an International Drivers Permit so you are not completely stranded.

If you are spending more than 6 months , apply for a drivers licence

You need your drivers Licence from Nigeria

With your drivers licence ,passport and National ID Card you can take the G1 test for about CAD$160


You need to prepare well for the G1 test

If you fail you can pay another CAD$16 to retake immediately or at a later time.But advisable you do it immediately if you think you are well prepared otherwise go and study again to retake at a later date

If you pass the G1 Test you will get a temporary G1 drivers licence while a plastic version will be delivered to your given address.

But you can only drive with a full G driver that has 4 years experience sitting beside you !

This is where your Nigerian Drivers licence can help you

Online Passport photo print Nigeria/Canada Passport/Visa Photo Requirements IRCC Interview and Size/Work Photos (4 passport photo Prints)

If your Nigerian Drivers Licence is with you,you may be allowed to take the G1 road test saving you the agony of waiting 12 months or 8 under certain conditions

But your Nigerian Drivers licence must be one year or more to be allowed

If not,you will be allowed on the first year anniversary of your drivers licence

That is not automatic as you need to validate your Nigerian Licence via 2 methods

Send to Ottawa for verification

Bring your extract from FRSC in Nigeria click here to get Assistance for your extract

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either of this you will be qualified to take the G1 test either after your licence is a year old or shortly after you pass the test but….

You need rigorous training to pass the G1 driving test and therfore must seek for a Driving Tutor for a couple of lessons to prepare you at an average of CAD$50 per 1hour session

3-5 lessons may be required depending on how you are progressing.

From my experience its more about unlearning the aggressive driving that we have been exposed to in Nigeria and imbibing serious patience synonymous with Canada driving rules.

With a positive mindset and about CAD$500 you may get this behind you in 2 months or less.

Life in Canada is difficult without a drivers licence as its very often a requiremnt for employment aside the fact that there are places without public transport and you can not afford to stay too long outside during winter

I hope this information has been useful to you and if so kindly share with others and also subscribe to our youtube channel for more information

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