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Jennifer Coolidge and Jon Gries on their return for The White Lotus Season 2.

Season 2 of The White Lotus has arrived on HBO and HBO Max, with episodes airing every Sunday night at 9 p.m

The second part of the comedy-drama has a new collection of characters and a different setting where guests make their reservations at the White Lotus Hotel in Sicily.

However, there are two familiar faces from Season 1 who have returned for the new episodes of the anthology series – and fans of The White Lotus can’t wait to see what happens next.

Jennifer Coolidge the White Lotus
Jennifer Coolidge as Tanya in Season 2 of The White Lotus, set in Sicily.

Jennifer Coolidge reprises her role as the wealthy but troubled Tanya McQuoid, which earned her an Emmy for Best Supporting Actress earlier this year.

In Season 1, Tanya was grieving the death of her mother and was struggling with grief in Hawaii. This time, the audience will see Tanya in a different light, but with the same chaotic energy.

Coolidge tells news week: “Someone like Tanya, she hides behind her grief and in the first white lotusthis was someone who had had such a heavy burden to bear for a very long time regarding the death of their mother.

“Sometimes you think if you take that away, things will go great. ‘I met this guy that I really like, the grief… I spread my mother’s ashes and I can deal with that.’ Sometimes you realize that this is just the tip of the iceberg to a whole new thing. I mean, people are unpredictable, and relationships are so unpredictable, and the chances of a relationship working out are very slim sometimes.”

Jon Gries is also back in Season 2 as Tanya’s love interest, Greg. His return will be more of a surprise to audiences as Greg apparently died of a mysterious illness at the end of season one.

Greg’s return came as a surprise even to the actor who plays him. Gries tells news week: “I remember talking to Mike [White, the show’s creator] during the first season when we were filming and he was like, ‘You know, Tanya and Greg might have to come back for season 2.’ I said, ‘How can Greg come back for season 2?’ I literally pretended he was dying because Mike didn’t tell me.”

Gries suggested that his character “will be dead,” but White told him, “You can’t tell me he’ll be dead. You didn’t write that. I wrote that.”

A few months later, Gries added: “He texted me just before Christmas. I was sitting in a restaurant eating and they said, ‘Hey, I’m writing this. And are you available?’ And I said, ‘Are you kidding? Of course I’m available.’”

He joked, “It’s an amazing feeling to come back and work with my lovely wife.”

Jon Gries, Jennifer Coolidge
Jon Gries and Jennifer Coolidge as Greg and Tanya in The White Lotus.

Coolidge revealed that she had to keep Greg’s return a secret and pretend she’s the only character returning for Season 2.

She joked: “It looks like I’m doing Jon wrong [Gries] because people were like, “We heard you’re the only character coming back,” and I had to be like, “Yeah, yeah.” I just had to lie, but of course my husband is back and now we have a whole new one Matter.”

In Season 1, the seemingly unremarkable Greg and fabulously spoiled Tanya fell head over heels in love at the White Lotus Resort in Hawaii, and by the time audiences see them in Season 2, they’re married.

The couple takes a romantic trip to Sicily, but cracks in their relationship start to appear.

It is also revealed in season 2 that Greg miraculously survived after Tanya paid for his treatment. As a result, he has a new life, which isn’t always good for their marriage.

Coolidge said: “I think his near-death experience may have humbled him for half a second, but now he’s feeling good. He’s doing a lot of work. That’s the thing, when you sign up for someone, sometimes you have no idea what you’re doing. Come back in, some people are just…”

She teased, “You think they’re just in love with you … but sometimes people are complicated and, you know, they can be many things.”

Gries said: “It all depends on expectations because everyone loves people. They love them in different ways.”

The White Lotus airs Sundays at 9 p.m. ET on HBO and HBO Max. Jennifer Coolidge and Jon Gries on their return for The White Lotus Season 2.


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