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Lil Baby helps Twitch’s most-sub streamer, Kai Cenat, break his viewership record

Kai Cenat Breaks Twitch With Lil Baby Appearance

Credit: KaiCenat/Twitch

In a spectacle that will become a little familiar to the Twitch community, one of the platform’s fastest rising stars Kai Cenat broke his own viewership record when he was joined on stream by celebrity rapper Lil Baby.

The breed of streamers known for gaming Minecraft, and Ready or Not uncovered Earlier today that the rapper would be joining his showand the announcement paid off – Kai’s stream reached over 241,000 active viewers, shattering its previous record of 175,000.

The couple chatted about Lil Baby’s gaming habits, which turns out to be a bit Grand Theft Auto Fan, as well as his new album it’s just me which came out last week. Kai Cenat has also set the course for the artist when it comes to the Twitch platform.

Of course, the overwhelming hype from fans of both personalities propelled Kai Cenat’s stream to the front page of Twitch, the most coveted property on the site.

The streamer’s rise was meteoric even before the events of today’s stream, becoming the most subscribed channel on the platform on Saturday – amassing over 104,000 active subscribers and dethroning former leader Casimito.

This isn’t the first time, and certainly won’t be the last, that a celebrity appearance on a streamer’s show has sent Twitch into overdrive – with Ninja notoriously playing a few rounds Fourteen days with Drake and has also had Travis Scott and NFL player JuJu Smith-Schuster on his stream in the past.

Kai Cenat’s stream is still live at the time of writing, he is currently weighing the pros and cons of buying a helicopter with his buddies. Lil Baby helps Twitch’s most-sub streamer, Kai Cenat, break his viewership record


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