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MCU star addresses unexpected absence in one of Phase Five’s biggest films

Team Iron Man vs. Team Captain America from Captain America Civil War

Image via Marvel Studios

The line-up of well-known villains and anti-heroes confirmed that they make up the roster of MCUs thunderbolts, as first revealed at September’s D23 show, features a handful of heavyweights, but there is one character who is conspicuous by his absence. While the team includes Yelena Belova (Florence Pugh), Taskmaster (Olga Kurylenko) and Bucky Barnes (Sebastian Stan) among others, there’s currently no indication if a permanent fixture from the comics’ group could also appear.

Yes, we’re talking about Baron Helmut Zemo himself, the beloved manipulative mastermind who successfully destroyed the Avengers from the inside out Captain America: Civil War before dancing his way into meme immortality The Falcon and the Winter Soldier. Given that Zemo is a frequent leader of the Thunderbolts in the source material, the lack of confirmation that he appears in the film is puzzling. What does the Sokovian aristocrat himself have to say about this?

via Marvel Studios

As you’d expect from a Marvel Studios veteran like him, actor Daniel Brühl played his cards close to his chest when asked if he could explain why he was banished from the Thunderbolts, but he confirmed to that his character isn’t dead and is therefore ready for a comeback whenever: “Even if I could… I couldn’t, you know,” he said. “The only thing I can say, everyone knows – I’m not dead!”

Another main character that wasn’t in that original cast was Red Hulk, but we now know that Harrison Ford is taking on the role of General Ross for both of them thunderbolts and Captain America 4, so chances are Zemo will show up somewhere in the anti-Avengers team-up flick, maybe even as an antagonist. We’ll find out when the Thunderbolts gather on the big screen on July 26, 2024. MCU star addresses unexpected absence in one of Phase Five’s biggest films


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