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One of Us Lies Recap: Season 2 Finale – Extended or Cancelled?

Warning: The following contains spoilers from One of us is lying season 2. Proceed at your own risk!

Simon says: You can’t escape a cliffhanger.

Peacock’s teen mystery drama One of us is lying ended season 2 with multiple twists, so let’s recap the finale’s biggest revelations: After finding out that Fiona knew Jake from rehab and that she was Simon Says, the Murder Club hatched a plan to frame her for Jake’s murder. But Maeve didn’t think her plan would work, so she secretly went to the dark side and teamed up with Fiona to get the Murder Club video showing Jake’s body, upsetting both Janae and Bronwyn. After Fiona set fire to the boat that most of the gang was in (and Cooper’s arm was crushed by falling debris), Fiona ran off. On the pier, she stabbed Bronwyn to death but could not escape the arrival of the police.

In prison, Fiona suggested to Cole that maybe Simon knew the secret that got Jake into rehab and that’s why Jake killed him. Cole was surprised that Fiona knew the secret too, and moments later she drank some water in her cell and started gasping for air.

Meanwhile, Murder Club felt like they had finally put all the death and agony behind them. But a graduation day flash-forward revealed another gory crime scene at the school, with the “Stay” necklace Nate had given Bronwyn marked as evidence.

Below, showrunner Erica Saleh breaks that cliffhanger and previews the characters’ future in a possible Season 3. (The series has yet to be renewed.)

TVLINE | Will a potential season 3 pick up on this flash-forward or work its way there? How do you see the season 3 schedule?
For now, the hope is to work through to that flash-forward so that, yes, we find out what happens on graduation day and find out if these kids will graduate from high school in one piece.

One of us is lying to BronwynTVLINE | Will there be flash forwards mixed into the current timeline?
It’s a bit early to say, but I love the idea that flashbacks were really a big part of the storytelling in Season 1. In Season 2, we’re pretty much in the present throughout the whole thing. Thematically, working on a season where we have flash forwards feels very exciting. But all of that would show when we got in [writers’] Room.

TVLINE | We also found out that Fiona is behind the new Simon Says messages. Can you imagine there being another new Simon Says when you start?
I definitely think we would have another new mystery and introduce some more evil elements to Bayview. But Fiona is Simon Says. What deeper evil lurks beneath the surface of Bayview is something I’m really looking forward to exploring in Season 3.

TVLINE | At the crime scene of the graduation ceremony, we see the necklace that Nate gave Bronwyn as evidence. Was she a victim or a suspect?
Everyone will have to wait until Season 3 to find out! That will definitely be part of the mystery.

TVLINE | We don’t see Murder Club’s reaction to Fiona’s poisoning and death. How might this twist affect her?
You’ve seen so much death and destruction and damage in Bayview in such a short amount of time. I think they will have a lot of questions about what happened to Fiona. You will feel a lot of fear and possibly guilt about what happened to Fiona because although she did terrible things they framed her and that was the reason why she was in prison.

One of us is Lying ColeTVLINE | Cole seemed to be pretty dodgy all season but never seemed to get nailed. So should we consider him the #1 suspect in Fiona’s death?
We should definitely consider Cole as someone we have a lot of of questions about getting into Season 3. I think it’s clear that whatever Jake’s secret is, Cole really wants to keep it a secret, and we’ll see how far he’s willing to go to cover it up. So we’re going to explore both the mystery of Jake’s secret and what Cole might have done to cover it up.

One of us is lying to Bronwyn/NateTVLINE | Nate and Bronwyn have made some big strides this season. Will season 3 test them or bring them even closer after everything they’ve been through?
Well, I guess those two things often go hand in hand, don’t you? I can’t imagine a world where things are really easy for Nate and Bronwyn after everything they’ve been through and after what we raised them about what they’re going to go through [in] her senior year. So there will definitely be tests to see what their love can survive.

TVLINE | One of the other big romances this season was Maeve and Janae. But after learning that Maeve secretly hooked up with Fiona, Janae doesn’t even seem to want to talk to Maeve. Can they come back from this? How broken is their relationship?
The trust is really really broken and Janae is very confused and very hurt by what Maeve has done and I think it will take a lot for Janae to find a way to trust Maeve again.

One of us is Lying CooperTVLINE | Cooper got Kris back, which is great, but he may have lost his baseball career with his arm injury. Will he end up spiraling, or will he stick with what’s good in his life, ie Kris?
Cooper has defined himself primarily with baseball for so long that the threat of that being taken away from him is really scary for him and it’s definitely going to be a challenge and something for him to figure out. If he can’t play, who is he?

TVLINE | How does Addy look from here after her trip this season, leaving Jake behind?
We’re ready to see Addy really start to embrace life and really have Jake in the rearview mirror and see who she is now that she’s discovered just how strong, brave and capable she is. It’s going to be really fun exploring Addy in hopefully less dark moments for her character.

One of us is the lying VanessaTVLINE | Episode 6 was all from Vanessa’s point of view and it turned out to be really insightful and funny. Will Vanessa be part of and work with the Murder Club in Season 3?
Vanessa has proven that she is really smart and has a lot to offer. I don’t know if we’re ready for her to become a card-carrying member of the Murder Club, but I think they definitely all respect each other a lot more, and people understand that going into Season 3, they should take Vanessa seriously.

One of us is lying Fans, what do you think of the end of the season? Rate it below and then hit the comments! One of Us Lies Recap: Season 2 Finale – Extended or Cancelled?


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