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Portable Emergency Light Using Power Bank

The story of the 5 wise and 5 foolish virgins may well illustrate the importance of having emergency light and a backup

It’s a simple fact that walking or groping in darkness is not a function of how powerful you are.
Every human with a functional eyesight have always depended on a source of light when the sun  retires for the day.

Even a full moon night does not guarantee any reasonable amount of light indoors

Each era of human civilisation have had their solution which served their basic needs at the time with its various inadequacies which included the challenge of starting the fire 🔥,the fuel, portability and the high risk of fire especially with naked lamps

Fast forward to 2021.There arrays of emergency power available

But why emergency lights despite advancement in technology.

Some situations like disaster and accident may make public power inaccessible in some places, while some others either do not have access or the public utility is simply inadequate.

In such places citizens have to make up for this shortfall in energy needs.

The most popular solution over time has been the generator with most popular being the I better pass my neighbor.

This has been rescuing most household for many years during which many have been killed by the fumes that pollutes the atmosphere

But imagine that all you need is just a source of light or just to charge your phone,then you have to put on your generator for such minor power but very important needs.
Here is where alternative sources become important

Many solution exist in the market.
This post is written to reveal the trick to an inexpensive source of light for households that may not be able to afford the packaged solution

This portable emergency light is based on a simple 5v DC energy efficient bulb and  a power bank.This emergency light  provides sufficient illumination in case of mains power failure.
While a sealed lead-acid battery is used for most emergency lights

Some advantages of this portable emergency light are:

Lithium-ion battery, which contains fewer toxic metals compared to other types of batteries, which may contain lead or cadmium
Charging lifecycle of lithium-ion battery, which is more than that of a maintenance-free battery

Power bank

A power bank is used as the main source for this circuit. Power banks are popular for charging smartphones and other devices. These have rechargeable lithium-ion or lithium-polymer batteries installed on a control circuitry on the PCB, which is enclosed in a protective casing.

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