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A&S Refractometer


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A&S Refractometer

aichose is a professional brand of supplying various kinds of liquids measuring instruments.

The refractometer series are based on the principle that the refractive indices of liquids change when the concentration change. It’s portable, easy, quick and no battery required, easier and more accurate than a traditional hydrymeters, more affordable than a digital meter. It’s a perfect tool for adult or young, home or professional use.

It features high-quality optics with smooth focusing. Its main body is made of aluminum alloy. The internal optical lens with high refractive index make up the precision optical system.The instrument is resistant to abrasion and corrosion, can be used to measure the general corrosive liquid. (But we do not recommend measuring these liquids for a long time. The residue should be cleaned immediately after measurement. )


Intended Use

For brix measurement of sugary liquids such as brandy, beer, ale, fruit juice and milk beverages etc.

Brix Refractometer 0-32%


  • It’s designed for brix measurement of sugary liquids such as brandy, beer, ale, fruit juice and milk beverages etc.
  • Ideal for home brewing, wine making, agricultural, gardening & educational purposes.
  • Brix Range 0-32%, the reading resolution is 0.2 %.Brix Accuracy: +/-0.2%
  • Automatic Temperature Compensation makes it even easier to get fast results.
  • Easy operation and save big: just need 2-3 drops of solution, you can get accurate readings.


—————————————————————————————————————————————————— >>> The Scale


The usual sucrose concentration of selected substances




Take full control of your brew

Take full control of your home brew with this Brix Refractometer by testing brix at any point during the process to optimize the quality and flavor to your satisfaction. Our refractometer will make you more efficient at making homemade beer, wine, fruit juices and other homemade beverages by substituting the traditional hydrometer with the Handheld Brix Refractometer.


Automatic Temperature Compensation

The build-in Automatic Temperature Compensation feature makes it possiable to get consistently accurate reading, you don’t need to control the temperature of the sample liquids deliberately, just make sure it’s room-temperature ( between 0-30 degree) .


Durable & Safe material

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