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Carbon Monoxide Electrochemical Sensor – Jkd-606 030-999ppm


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This product is a smart carbon monoxide detector with voice prompt, microprocessor control, support displaying of the carbon monoxide gas concentration and the time. When trigger the gas detector. This detector adopt catalytic combustion method sensor which is stable and reliable. It keeps the place safe from the threats of carbon monoxide gas. This product can be well used in villas, factories, shopping malls, warehouses, office buildings etc. indoor places.

LCD Displays Carbon monoxide gas concentration (PPM) and clock (24-hour system).
DC 9V battery supply.  (Battery is not included).
Battery remaining display and low battery notification.
Low current consumption, ultra-long standby time.
Human voice prompt and high reliable electrochemical sensor.
Alarm memory function (record up to 7 alarms) and auto detect sensor failure.
Easy choose CN, EN, UL three standards.


Reference standard:
EN (EN 50291)
50PPM, within 60 to 90 minutes;
100PPM, within 10 to 40 minutes;
300PPM, within 3 minutes;
400PPM, immediately

CO concentration more than 150PPM, within 5 seconds

Power Supply: 9V battery   ( no include)
Sensor type: Electrochemical CO sensor
Temperature: 0~50
Relative Humidity: 10%~95%
Detecting level range: 000~999PPM
Sensitive level: 5PPM
Error: +/- 10%
Normal working status: 000PPM
Alarm concentration: 030-999PPM
Battery status: Low battery warning

1. The carbon monoxide detector is easy to be effected by the pounding and shock in transit or installation, lead to not work.
2. This is a carbon monoxide detector, can not detect the combustible gas (such as liquefied petroleum gas, natural gas, methane, etc.).
3. Scheduled maintenance: surface cleaning per month, specialist inspection per half year.
4. Do not use the detergent to clean the gas detector, this will damage the gas detector.
5. Do not spray any sprays such as air freshener, hair spray, etc.
6. This product is only used to reduce the accident, cannot make sure every time. Except use our detector in right way, pls pay more attention in your daily life and strengthen safety and security consciousness.

Package List:
1 * Carbon Monoxide Detector   ( no include battery)
1 * Pack of Screws
1 * User Manual(English)

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Carbon Monoxide Electrochemical Sensor – Jkd-606 030-999ppm

Carbon Monoxide Electrochemical Sensor – Jkd-606 030-999ppm


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