Eee PC 1011CX-MU27-BK 10.1″ LED Intel Atom 1.60 GHz 2GB DDR3 SDRAM 320GB 64-bit Windows 7 Home Premium

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3 out of 5
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1024 x 600 WSVGA Display – 2 GB RAM – 320 GB HDD – Webcam – Genuine Windows 7 Home Premium

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  1. by Vague.Logic

    It is a netbook, not a notebook or laptop computer. If you want the power of a good laptop that’s what you should get. If you want a very convenient way to web surf, check e-mail, tweet and use Facebook, this nifty little netbook will do fine.Lightweight, easy to use and set up, my netbook operates perfectly and is very handy for use when in a hurry. I have not tested the battery life but it seems to last longer than a normal laptop. I’d guess a good 6 hours, but not 11 as some ads might state.Videos, like YouTube, are slightly “jumpy” because a computer this small does not have a dedicated video card. Again, if you are looking for the features of a top line laptop you should not get this netbook. Video playback is decent, just not HD or as smooth as a notebook or desktop can give you. I would not use this computer for streaming video or graphics editing. Also, remember the screen is very small and you may need to use a little “zoom” or enlarge the fonts to see some forms of text. Sound quality is definitely lacking through the built in speaker. If you need loud volume you won’t get it from this netbook. I have not tried headphones or external speakers but I’d assume they provide decent sound. The built in speaker is good enough if you are in a quiet room or have very little distracting noise, but you cannot crank the volume up enough to overcome all forms of distractions. Look elsewhere if built in speaker sound is of high importance. I’ve used this computer as a bedside “radio” to listen to the BBC and World Radio Network online while falling asleep. It does a good job of that. As you can imagine, that means I’ve set up the computer on my home wireless network and that was a snap. All in all this computer does just what you’d expect for its size and processing power. If you are looking for a NETbook this is the one to get. If you are looking for the power of a good laptop get that instead.

  2. by DougH

    I was told that netbooks like this were a thing of the past, replaced by tablets, but I needed to do spreadsheets and email on the fly, and I didn’t want to store all of my data on the cloud. This little thing does the biz I need done, and gives me close to 8 hours of battery life in doing so. I wish my old laptop would have quit a year ago. Lots of hard drive, able to multi task, streams videos reasonably well. Sound is a little soft on it’s own, so I need to plug it into the stereo or headphones occasionally. Neat tool for me.

  3. by Elaine B.

    It’s small but has the room for lots of stuff. It’s not the fastest, but it gets the job done. It won’t take Windows 8 because of the graphics, so you will have to settle for Windows 7. The keyboard is OK, but not good for a real typist…too small. More for the one-fingered typist. Lightweight. Battery lasts a good 6-8 hours and recharges rather quickly. Nice price too. If you want a portable netbook with lots of disk space and decent processing power, you won’t be disappointed.

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Eee PC 1011CX-MU27-BK 10.1″ LED Intel Atom 1.60 GHz 2GB DDR3 SDRAM 320GB 64-bit Windows 7 Home Premium


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