Micro SD Card Toshiba THN-M203K1280EA 128 GB

5 out of 5


5 out of 5
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Micro SD Card Toshiba THN-M203K1280EA 128 GB

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  1. by Beatleben

    The card was well below the 128gb capacity and a lot lower than other cards (around 100gb) I had of the same 128GB capacity.So when I was moving data from one Sandisk 128GB to the 128GB Toshiba card. The capacity of the Toshiba card was too small to fit all the data.I tried using different card formats to see if would make a difference, it didn’t.So for my use it was not fit for purpose.

  2. by Honest review

    I got this for my samsung note 9. I used it for the first time after downloading some videos.The time it takes to transfer from phone internal memory to the SD card is absolutely shocking. Its take over 1 hour to transfer 3gb videos. I will not recommend this to anyone .

  3. by Dr Robert Hallett

    Great little card with excellent capacity that works really well as a plug-in unit taking a big chunk of my music collection and allowing me to play it in my in-car DAB unit. At last large capacity memory is coming down in price. Well done Toshiba!

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Micro SD Card Toshiba THN-M203K1280EA 128 GB


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