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Ronnie Brown will be attending a national fashion show

21-year-old Ronnie Brown has already taken New York Fashion Week by storm, and now he’s taking part in the world’s largest Down Syndrome fundraiser.

PFLUGERVILLE, Texas — 21-year-old Ronnie Brown of Pflugerville continues to check off his list of accomplishments.

Against all odds, Brown has worked to continue to complete his list of achievements. This list includes runway modeling, painting, community activism, being an ambassador for the Down Syndrome Association of Central Texas, participating in Special Olympics athletes, and acting in commercials.

Last year Brown ran as part of the “Runway of Dreams fashion show.”

And now, on November 12, Brown will be a featured model in the 13th annual edition of the Global Down Syndrome Foundation Be beautiful be yourself fashion show takes place in Denver, CO. After two years of running the fashion show virtually during the pandemic, this year the fashion show will be back in person.

“He came home and paced around the house. So we sent in his entry and they chose him! I told Ronnie we got the message in the mail, opened it, and he’s been practicing ever since,” said Brown’s sister LaTasha Rodgers

“I can show them my moves,” Brown said.

In addition to his list of accomplishments, Brown is also the founder of a french fries company called The Fry guy. Brown successfully launched his business in 2020 and for the past two years he has shared his infectious laugh while serving delicious French fries to members of the community.

“I can’t say enough about how this community supports him from his teachers to his coaches. When we started, I just put it on our little community Facebook group, and people would come to the house and we just sold it to keep quiet out of the house. It was amazing to see people not just consistently supporting once or twice, but going, ‘When do you guys have another event?’” Rodgers said.

The annual Be Beautiful Be Yourself Fashion Show benefits the Global Down Syndrome Foundation and is the world’s largest fundraiser for Down Syndrome. The event is attended by over 1,400 guests each year and has raised over $24 million for Down Syndrome research, medical care, advocacy and education.

When he asked Brown if he still needed to practice his runway walk, he was confident he was ready.

“I got it!” said Brown.

Brown hopes that by attending this event, and hopefully many more in the future, he will serve as an inspiration to others, and especially those with Down Syndrome, that anything is possible.

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