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‘She-Hulk’ concept art reveals alternate looks of KEVIN

Kevin Feige could have looked like a Sentinel The Matrixand Not a machine in your eye doctor’s office, based on newly revealed concept art for the She-Hulk: Lawyer season finale.

Halfway through what was shaping up to be a “messy” finale showdown, Jen Walters (played by Tatiana Maslany) escaped through Disney+’s menu screen and was confronted She Hulk‘s writers on Disney’s property and then marched off to meet with the revered KEVIN, a “huge AI brain” whose name stands for “Knowledge Enhanced Visual Interconnectivity Nexus.”

As head writer/executive producer Jessica Gao told, “If the [visual development team] showed us various possible sketches of KEVIN, they all wore little hats. No matter what kind of robot or machine it was, she wore a little black “baseball cap” on top, like that famously worn by Marvel Studios boss Kevin Feige. But “Kevin said, ‘Well, that doesn’t make sense, why would a robot wear a hat?’”

Incorporating one of Feige’s lonely notes on the mega meta moment, Gao instead greenlit a KEVIN design that featured a traffic light-like brim reminiscent of a baseball cap. “That was the compromise we made where it made logical sense for Kevin and I now to have what looks like a little Kevin hat on this machine,” Gao shared.

Days after the finale, Jeff Simpson – credited as the conceptual artist for the visual development – premiered She Hulk — Common early concepts for KEVIN (below), each wearing the actual cap. Simpson also expressed his personal reference for the old-fashioned CPU look over the sleek Apple aesthetic that was ultimately chosen.

Check out the early concepts below and let us know what you think She Hulk chose the best KEVIN ‘She-Hulk’ concept art reveals alternate looks of KEVIN

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