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Shopwise Gadget Deals  and Giveaways 

Shopwise Gadget Deals  and Giveaways

💾New openbox double sim 256gb Samsung s21 ultra for 420k only…only 1pc

📀Samsung note20 ultra for 340k just 1 pc today

🪘2018/2019 touchbar 15inches 32gb ram 512gb ssd cori9 4gb vram radeon graphics MacBook pro Retina for 730k only

🥁2017/2018 MacBook pro retina 16gb ram 256gb ssd cori7 13inches for 450k

🥊Brandnew Sealed 512gb iphone 13 for 520k only

🏆Brandnew 2022 ipad Air5 M1 wifi only for 430k only

🥇Lenovo Gaming3 8gb ram 512gb ssd Ryzen5 with 4gb vram nvidia 1650Ti for 430k

🥏Brandnew Sealed 2020 MacBook Air M1 16gb ram for 780k only

🪁Brandnew 2018/2019 MacBook Air 16gb ram 256gb ssd cori5 for 520k

🏀2020 Macbook Air 13inches 8gb ram 256gb ssd for 380k only 1pc only, uk used

🧭 Dell xps 15 16gb ram 512gb ssd cori7 4gb vram nvidia graphics for 480k only

💡hp elite 8gb ram 256gb ssd cori7 x360 convertible touchscreen for 290k

💋new 2020/2021 Mac mini M1 16gb 256 8cor cpu & gpu for 530k …openbox

🐙2022 brandnew 512gb Samsung Tab S8 ultra 256gb and 512gb available

🇩🇴 brandnew double sim 256gb Samsung Zfold3 for 770k available, and single sim for 730k

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