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‘SNL’ video: Bobby Moynihan returns as a drunk uncle

While Bobby Moynihan clearly showed up Saturday night live‘s Studio 8H this week to reprise his role in the greatest Halloween sketch ever, while also taking a moment to bring back another one one of his favorite recurring characters, Drunk Uncle.

This is Drunk Uncle’s fourteenth performance and since its first track, which melds Jack Skellington and Marjorie Taylor Greene, it’s a whirlwind of slurred non-sequiturs and cranky old man howls.

However, he is an artist at heart. Despite his claims not to be Lyle, Lyle, Crocodile, he’s quite the singer – although his oeuvre seems to be almost entirely 1980s songs and artists. Eddie Money, Billy Joel, the McDonald’s menu song. He is also a Tik Tok dancer. Well, a mocker of Tik Tok dancers. But that’s basically the same, isn’t it?

The near misses with racism are always the most fun. He starts talking about illegal immigrants, but then realizes he’s talking about Chris Pratt, whose turn it is to play the classic Super Mario character. He begins his fervor about Kanye West by saying, “I’ve listened to a fair amount of what he has to say,” but even Drunk Uncle doesn’t seem ready to work with him. “I think he’s crazy,” he says, proving himself a master of understatement.

One of the best things about this character is that the subjects are so diverse that you often learn about current events that you may have missed. Did you know that Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen recently announced their divorce? This is a real thing. Or that Halloween is communist? This is a slightly less real thing. Or this Black Adams Matter? It’s a real thing for The Rock, but maybe not so much for other people. You should probably check out Drunk Uncle before using him as a news source.

Elsewhere in the episode, Cecily Strong returned to the show as Kari Lake, and Tom Hanks was in the studio reviving Halloween icon David S. Pumpkins.

So what do you think of Jack Harlow’s episode? Rate it below and leave your thoughts in a comment. ‘SNL’ video: Bobby Moynihan returns as a drunk uncle


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