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Stargirl Recap: Season 3 Episode 7 – Jennie returns, finds brother Todd

Next week DC’s Stargirlwhile the JSA planned to “unplug” whoever was spying on Blue Valley, Courtney was unexpectedly taken away to help Jennie find her brother Todd once and for all (…and for better or for worse).

The episode “Chapter Seven: Infinity Inc. Part One” — a nod to the DC Comics superhero team made up primarily of children of JSA members — began with a replay of a sequence from Season 2 Episode 2 in which Jennie Hayden was ushered out of the Ordway Home for Children after she turned 18. This time, however, as Jennie surveyed the contents of the box her father, the late Green Lantern Alan Scott, had left for her, we saw that her twin brother, Todd, over in Civic City, was gifted with a plane ticket from Beau Danny to to find Jenny. But when Jennie touched Todd’s toy car and her father’s GL ring in Milwaukee, Todd began convulsing in Civic City, his eyes glowing green. Eventually he fell to the ground and began to belch out dark, inky plumes of smoke.

As Danny ran to get help, two cops showed up to find Todd and take him to Nurse Louise Love at the ominous Helix Institute. Sister Love noted that Todd’s father was a “possessor of great power” as a Green Lantern. Mister Bones then emerged from the shadows to tell a curious Todd that the mysterious Helix Institute For Youth Rehabilitation represents “hope.”

“See, I understand what it means to be different…” the sinister skeleton explained. “But different may be Well.”

Star Girl Rick BethThe action then jumped forward six months to what is now Blue Valley, where Courtney, Pat, Barbara and “Michael” (lol) were DJing terrible boring show to anyone spying on it, with Sylvester in their ear playing the director. Rick, Jakeem, and Zeek did the same at the pit stop while Yolanda worked a boring shift at the diner. After Beth forced her way through the utility company’s firewall, she triggered a city-wide power outage, prompting the JSA and her friends to get to work to find/remove all of the hidden cameras. Along the way, Beth saw Rick showing a little of his unlimited strength to aggressive, smashing down walls (poor, poor school canteen!) and hurling desks across classrooms… an attempt to use Thunderbolt filled the pit stop with cameras Everyone Species… and Yolanda was confronted by her mother about her past “night shift” lies. (At the end of the episode, Yolanda’s suffocating mother issued an ultimatum — give me your phone or get out. Yolanda showed up at the Whitmore-Dugans’ door, luggage in hand, and was greeted by Barbara with a loving hug.)

Stargirl shadowCourtney and Pat were clearing out cameras from their basement when The Shade unexpectedly showed up and needed Courtney’s services badly. Just as The Shade was teleporting Courtney away, Pat came along and they all “landed” in the Helix Institute’s boiler room, where Court reunited with Jennie. It was extensively explained that at the end of Season 2’s big cafeteria fight, when it appeared Jennie had tapped off a blob of dark goo, said goo actually “infected” her ring – and ever since she and The Shadow Forces became intertwined/mutually hindered. Hungry for his full power to be restored, The Shade begged Courtney to give Jennie a “police talk” that will banish the darkness in the ring. However, Courtney suspects that Jennie’s finding/rescuing her brother Todd, who is being held above, is the cure for her ailments.

Stargirl 3x07 ObsidianThe four go upstairs to the institute, luckily not encountering a single guard/staff, and find Todd strapped to the table where Mister Bones and Nurse Love had been conducting experiments on the boy. Todd realizes who Jennie is and when their hands touch, both are filled with memories. But when Jennie and Courtney try to free Todd, he advises them urgently Not to remove him from this room lest he “destroy the world”. Jennie grabs his arm anyway, causing the twins’ eyes to glow green… causing Todd to turn inky black. He then unleashes a pulse of dark energy that knocks everyone out. And it’s not Todd who then rises from the table, but a cloaked, hooded silhouette of a being with glowing white eyes embedded in inky swirls. Jennie and Court stand in shock in front of Obsidian while Pat and The Shade stagger forward to protect the girls. But when they do, Obsidian teleports the men to a black-and-white version of Blue Valley, populated by people in period clothing but with vintage cars driving by on its streets.

What did you think of Infinity Inc. Part One and where was Pat/Shade sent?

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