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Summary of The Walking Dead: Season 11 Episode 21 – “Outpost 22”

In the Sunday episode of the Walking Dead, all road traces led to the mysterious Commonwealth Outpost 22, which gave the episode its title. but the expected bumpiness of the trail was nothing compared to the whole unexpectedly Surprise that awaited at the end of the street. And this was…? Obviously something that we will only reveal at the end of this summary, as if you didn’t already know. Well then…

As class began, Maggie, Gabriel, and Rosita, who had never encountered a solution they couldn’t get out of, escaped the transfer bus that was taking them to…well, who knows? But probably too Kamchatka the same railroad labor camp that Negan, Ezekiel, and Kelly were sentenced to. Or maybe not; The Commonwealth also seemed to have other construction sites that allowed its soldiers to separate Negan from Annie. (So ​​no dead city spinoff for her? she is conspicuously absent in the first photos.)

At the same time, Daryl and Carol stalked the train, only to find Connie put on it as – “Oh, s—t,” shouted a soldier – Designation 2. It was only later that they learned that this meant she was taken far away, never to be seen again. Because it never goes to Disney World and back.

The Walking Dead Recap Season 11 Episode 21 Outpost 22As will happen in the post-apocalyptic wilderness, Maggie, Carol, Daryl, Gabriel, and Rosita found each other like old friends meeting at their favorite brunch spot. Sure, there were plenty of troubles along the way, from Rosita’s dislocated arm to a car chase right from the action Ride with Norman Reedus to Maggie’s emotional struggle with the most stubborn zombie kid since night of the comet. But they still managed to take control of the train and save Connie.

Not that that’s resolved Everyone their problems. For one thing, they still had to save Judith, Hershel & Co. On the other hand, the train driver had to – d’oh! – killed himself fearing what Pamela would do to his family if he helped them. (One must also commit to putting a railroad nail through the throat.)

Back at the Railroad Atonement Camp, Negan urged Ezekiel to put his past villainy behind for the greater good. Reluctantly, the former king agreed to try. But he did not know how to unite his fellow exiles without a shred of hope. Negan would see to it, he said, making it sound like he was planning a suicide squad.

The Walking Dead Recap Season 11 Episode 21 Outpost 22As she and the rest of the prisoners were loaded back onto a bus to Outpost 22 at the end of a long day’s work, Rosita pretended to be a soldier and radioed for help. Luckily her message was received by a particularly talkative operator (Yvette Nicole Brown?) who gave her more directions than anyone could remember, explaining that Outpost 22 used to be – wait a minute – Alexandria!

As the episode wrapped, Daryl, Maggie & Co. were more anxious than ever to survive the series’ landing. “We’re going to get our kids, take back our home and put it in order,” Glenn’s widow explained. “And Pamela will never see it coming.” But right? What about they’ve all gone MIA and their only goal is to depose the governor? Hit the comments with your reviews of Outpost 22. Summary of The Walking Dead: Season 11 Episode 21 – “Outpost 22”

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