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Texas soldier fired for inaction during Uvalde school massacre

Some family members of the victims have already been notified.

UVALDE, Texas – One of the first Texas state police officers to arrive at the scene of the May 24 elementary school mass shooting Texas Department of Public Safetya law enforcement official familiar with the matter told ABC News.

Some family members of Robb Elementary School victims have already been notified.

DPS did not immediately respond to a request for comment from ABC News.

The soldier fired is Sgt. Juan Maldonado, one of seven members of the Texas DPS whose conduct was investigated by the DPS Inspector General for their actions or inaction during the shooting that killed 19 students and two of their teachers.

DPS announced on September 6 that five DPS officers at Robb’s location had been referred to IG. That number grew to seven.

Maldonado is the first to be disciplined and the IG investigation into him was the first to be completed, the official said.

“We expect more from our soldiers,” the official said. Surveillance camera footage revealed that Maldonado held the door to the school and stood by as another officer ran bleeding from the building and asked others to go inside. Maldonado was accused of not following active shooter protocol.

Maldonado was a 23-year state agency veteran and public information officer for the region.

The internal DPS investigation prompted the adoption of new DPS protocols. Now the policy dictates that once an “active shooter” has been declared at a school, the situation cannot be treated as anything else by Texas DPS personnel until the shooter or shooters are neutralized. Under the new rules, all DPS employees will be ordered to overrule any other police officer who stands in the way of active action to neutralize a school shooter.

McCraw is scheduled to testify about Robb Elementary’s response and investigation during a hearing in Austin Thursday.

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