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The best Metaverse games available now

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metaverse Games aren’t just virtual reality games; They allow their players to experience and be part of a much larger and infinite digital world. These games seamlessly merge virtual reality, gaming and live streaming to create a perfect blend of an alternate reality. The powerful technologies of Metaverse games enable players not only to experience immersive virtual realities, but also to provide a sense of touch and a full view of the environment.

Because they play in real time, players can interact with other players in these worlds. You can create, buy, sell and invest in items and even earn cryptocurrencies in real time. With no pauses, resets, or game overs, Metaverse games are the future, and they’re starting to gain some serious momentum.

Here are some of the best Metaverse games, new and old, to get lost in.

My neighbor Alice

My neighbor Alice is a Metaverse game that offers beginners the perfect opportunity to introduce themselves to the world of alternate life. The game developed by Antler Interactive is available on Windows platform. A multiplayer farming game, it allows players to interact with and own virtual pieces of land, raise animals, and collect unique items. The game also has NFTs that players can collect in the form of plants, animals, houses, and more. Also, players have the opportunity to trade on multiple blockchains, including the Alice marketplace.


decentralized is a 3D virtual gaming platform that allows its players to buy virtual properties as NFTs and make money from these properties. Developed by Decentraland Foundation, the game is one of the well-known virtual money-making games. Players can use the in-game currency, MANA, to build avatars, purchase land, and other in-game items. After players buy their land and get exclusive control over the territory, they build stadiums and charge users who want to hold concerts or events in them.

Axe Infinity

Axe Infinity is one of the most popular Metaverse games and is also known as the predominant entry in the NFT gaming world. Developed by Sky Mavis, the game is heavily inspired by the Japanese mega-franchise Pokemon. Players must breed, raise, fight, and trade fantasy creatures called Axies. Players collect Axie Infinity Shards (AXS, main currency) and Smooth Love Potion (SLP) to customize their Axies and buy land to build houses. Axies fight other Axies or hunt for treasure to provide rewards for players. The game is available for Windows, macOS, Android and iOS.

Fourteen days

Originally a battle royale online video game that is acclaimed and widely successful Fourteen days has evolved into a Metaverse game. Developed by Epic Games, Fourteen days is available on various gaming platforms and consoles including Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo, Android, iOS, Windows and macOS. Fourteen days has three game modes: Save the World – where players face off against an environment prepared to kill them; Battle Royale – an all-out player vs. player battle; and Creative – where players have the freedom to create anything on their islands, from simple items to very complex designs like battle arenas. Using their drop-in characters, players can enter competitions, interact with other players around the world, and even attend live concerts that only happen in-game.

The sandbox

The sandbox is a virtual world building game perfect for creative people. The game was developed by Pixowl and is available for Windows, Android and iOS. With the currency called Sand, players can buy and trade land. Players can also build their worlds with avatars, vehicles, tools, plants and more by mixing resources like water, lava, lightning and sand. Items can be sold on a virtual titular marketplace and even list their land on the OpenSea NFT marketplace.

strange worlds

This space-themed virtual game allows players to earn NFTs upon completing missions. strange worlds was developed by Ideographer and is available for Windows, macOS, Android and iOS. Players have the opportunity to explore alien planets and mine Trillium Tokens (TLM) or NFTs. Depending on how much TLM a player spends on a planet, they may have voting rights in that planet’s elected government. With over 300 NFTs available to mine, players can also lease their starships, compete with other players in events, and use their TLM to earn rewards. The best Metaverse games available now


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