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The Thirteenth Doctor is already on the verge of returning when a horrific Star Trek movie leads to undeserved praise

Jodie Whittaker as the thirteenth doctor in Doctor Who

Image via BBC Studios

Join us as we boldly go where we’ve never been before – our first daily sci-fi news roundup. The biggest event in the sci-fi TV world this weekend is, of course, the Jodie Whittaker finale Doctor Who episode, except we now learn that the actress has already taken steps to ensure that she will return to the TARDIS shortly. In the meantime, star trek Fans will find something to love in one of the franchise’s worst entries. In the words of Captain Christopher Pike: Hit it!

Jodie Whittaker is determined not to give up Doctor Who forever

Image via BBC

The Thirteenth Doctor won’t be off our screens for long if Jodie Whittaker has his way. The outgoing actress has admitted she would be “devastated” if she weren’t given the opportunity to return to the Whoniverse in the years to come. So much so, in fact, that she’s already reached out to new showrunner Russell T. Davies to let him know that if he calls, she’ll join the fray again. Can we expect her to perform as part of the 60th anniversary celebrations next year? who White?

star trek Fans lead a riot trying to redeem a critically battered film’s reputation

Star Trek: Insurrection
Image via Paramount Pictures

1998 Star Trek: Insurrection is nobody’s favorite Trek Film, as attested by its meager 55% of Rotten Tomatoes critics and an even weaker 44% of audiences. And yet, fans have decided to revive his reputation by discussing his supposed good qualities. A list of Redditors looked through their rose-colored glasses in approval revolt to feel more authentic The next generation than most other Picard and Co. films, even if it lacks the pop of the best Trek has to offer.

ET icon reflects the box office battle of two of the greatest science fiction films of all time

ET movie
Image via Universal Pictures

The summer of 1982 happened to see two of the best sci-fi films of all time, let alone this decade, square off at the box office — and they came from the same studio. To celebrate its 40th anniversary ET Star Henry Thomas has reflected on how Steven Spielberg’s favorite slammed John Carpenter’s seminal the thing Remake and claimed that Universal actually thought the latter film was a safer bet and ET was a bit risky, although that was the one who ended up phoning home with a lot of cash.

Streaming Spotlight: Dwayne Johnson rocks back up the charts with a big, dumb video game blockbuster

Image from Warner Bros.

With Dwayne Johnson back in cinemas this weekend in DC Black Adam, it’s no surprise that streaming audiences are revisiting another blockbuster of dubious quality starring The Rock. Namely, Rampagethe 2018 video game film, sees the megastar teaming up with a giant albino gorilla to stop two other mutated beasts from destroying Chicago. In other words, Shakespeare isn’t, but that didn’t stop there Rampage struggling to climb the streaming charts as people hunger for more rock ‘n’ roll action.

Beam back here tomorrow, Starfleet is watching, for another sci-fi news roundup. The Thirteenth Doctor is already on the verge of returning when a horrific Star Trek movie leads to undeserved praise


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