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We Wish You A Married Christmas star in Hallmark’s new Feel Good movie

Halloween may still be a week away, but Christmas lovers are already getting ready for the holiday season. Well, it’s good news for those who can’t wait to curl up with a glass of eggnog and a heartwarming Christmas movie, because the Hallmark Channel has already started premiering its festive programming.

If you want your vacation romances to involve cozy Vermont inns, alpacas, and ridiculously good-looking couples in crisis, then then We wish you a blessed Christmaswhich premieres Saturday night on the Hallmark Channel will be your new secret treat.

With Jurassic World: Dominion Actors Kristoffer Polaha and Riverdale Mother Marisol Nichols, the celebratory film is about a struggling married couple whose Christmas vacation goes awry.

Kristoffer Polaha and Marisol Nichols with alpacas
Hallmark stars Kristoffer Polaha and Marisol Nichols pose with alpacas on the set of their new Christmas movie, We Wish You a Married Christmas.
Crown Media Press/Hallmark Channel

In addition to a role in Wonder Woman 1984 (literally naming his character “Handsome Man”), 45-year-old Polaha has starred in seven Hallmark films, including The The Dater Handbook (2016) with Meghan Markle and a Rocky Mountain Christmas (2017) and plays police detective Travis Burke on the stations secret 101 Series.

news week spoke to the Hallmark Adonis about making films for his kids to enjoy, the magic of Christmas movies and why there’s always room for a good rom-com.

“We wish you a Merry Christmas”

Although Hallmark is known for producing family-friendly films that all ages can enjoy, Hallmark hasn’t always been a bastion of diversity. Polaha said the channel is working to change that, with this year’s lineup featuring a wider range of voices.

“Hallmark is evolving,” he said. “They want more diversity in the stories they tell, the actors who tell those stories, the writers who write those stories. Which I think is a wonderful thing.

“I think what people enjoy is when they watch a Hallmark movie, they step into this little snow globe, this Hallmark bubble, and the more inclusive the better.”

Instead of going for a “meet-cute” We wish you a blessed Christmas focuses on a couple navigating a rough terrain. Robby (Polaha) and Becca (Nichols) are on the verge of a divorce, and the film follows their attempts to rekindle their romance.

“When I read the script, I thought, ‘How is this supposed to work, nobody wants to see a married couple break up [at Christmas]’Especially when there are so many marriages in the same place,’ Polaha said.

“But Marisol and I really took our time to unpack the script before we started filming and really talked about the liking of the characters, who’s at fault, what the disappointment is and why.

“We looked at all of these options and loaded their backstory to create this life for a couple that you can ultimately choose.”

Polaha suspects that married couples will be particularly fond of this romantic comedy.

“It’s a very funny film,” he said. “We have to do everything from a pratfall to a more subtle comedy. It’s about really enforcing vows and fighting for love.”

Hallmark stars Kristoffer Polaha and Marisol Nichols
Kristoffer Polaha and Marisol Nichols in a still from their new Hallmark Christmas film, Wishing You a Married Christmas.
Crown Media Press/Hallmark Channel

Feel-good movies

Since his starring days lock and mad Menthe father-of-three has moved to a more family-friendly diet, which Polaha said was a conscious decision.

“In 2014 I made a film called Where hope grows. I saw the reaction the film had from its audience,” he said.

Starring actor and disability advocate David DeSanctis, the film focuses on the unlikely friendship between a teenager with Down Syndrome (DeSanctis) and a “self-destructive” football player (Polaha).

“We showed the film all over America. All these young people with Down syndrome looked at this huge silver screen, looked at someone who looks just like them, and realized that anything is possible,” Polaha said.

“I want to be someone who makes content that makes you feel good. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that.”

“A star is born – on surfboards”

When he’s not wowing Hallmark viewers, Polaha writes romance novels with author Anna Gomez. The film is set in Hawaii, where Polaha has been filming for a year north shore (2004), the From Kona with love Series focuses on multicultural romance and family ties.

Written during the pandemic, the first book Moments like these, was released in February 2021 while the second book, Where the sun risescame out in September.

Describing the novel as “A star Is Born on surfboards” Where the sun rises currently has 4.7 stars out of 5 on Goodreads. Polaha wants to film the novels through his production company Podunk Productions.

“These books are written for romance readers and Hallmark audiences, but we’re also pushing the genre and creating a universe,” he said.

“As an actor, you’re given a script and you only have a limited amount of say. But as a writer, being the creator of an entire universe is a truly liberating experience.

“It’s a chance to tell more stories in a way that I would love to tell them.” We Wish You A Married Christmas star in Hallmark’s new Feel Good movie

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