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Affiliate Program

Join many out there who are making extra income from commissions by promoting and selling Shopwise products. It's fast and easy to promote our eBooks to your audience! You earn 10% from every purchase made by a customer your refer to us through your affiliate link.

What do need to do?

Spread the word! Tell your family and friends, social media followers, website visitors about Shopwise and watch your earnings pile up so fast.

How it works

How Can I Start the Affiliate Program?

To sign up for our affiliate program, register here if you do not have an account or login here if you are an existing customer. Once you login, click on the  affiliate area tab and copy your referral URL to share with your audience.

How do I start referring Others to Shopwise?

We have a unique affiliate link for every affiliate. You can send your affiliate link to your friends, and family or colleagues via whatsapp, email, sms and social media. You can also advertise by word of mouth to tell anyone about our products. Once you do that let us know if the person purchased we will add him/her under your affiliate so that you can track.

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